Sunday Snacks

Today the boyf and I decided to walk over to the Melrose Trading Post hoping to find some fun vintage things to decorate our barren apartment. Though our treasure hunt was unsuccessful, I found myself tempted by an ice cream sandwich truck on the way out.


Cool Haus‘ fun menu.


I chose red velvet cookies and Tahitian vanilla ice cream. I was also extremely excited by the fact that I could eat the little wrapper.

We wandered down Melrose to find some food and ended up stopping in at Village Idiot for brunch.


Love these coffee mugs.


I opted for the Yank breakfast and the boyf had the traditional English breakfast.

The girls sitting to my left ordered some sort of beer cocktail that looked so intriguing I went ahead and ordered one for myself.


It’s called a Michelada. It’s chili paste, lime and a Pacifico. It was like a light, refreshing bloody mary. I was hoping it would have more of a kick to it since I like a spicy drink, but it was perfect considering it was so warm out today.



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