Feeling Like a B+ in a Type A World


I never considered myself to be a slacker. I never considered myself to be a perfectionist either. I was a hard worker and I was always proud of my work. Back in Albuquerque when I realized that I wanted to try working in sports I emailed the marketing department, set up an informational interview and was invited to intern at that interview. The next summer I wanted to move up and work for our Triple-A baseball team. I filled out an application, went for an interview and was hired that same day. I realize now that I was extremely fortunate to have things just fall into place.

That isn’t how things work in L.A., or in real life. There are hundreds of students that are just as, or even more qualified. All of those great little qualifiers that used to end up on a resume (driven, hardworking, detail oriented, etc.) go without saying and they’re all fighting for the same coveted spot you are. The competition is fierce and it’s intimidating.

I’m applying for internships for the first time since I’ve been in L.A. and in graduate school and my mind is full of doubt, excitement, insecurities and anticipation. Why haven’t I heard anything? When will I hear back? What if I don’t get a call from anyone? How am I setting myself apart? When will that magical-rainbows-unicorns-and-perfection internship finally come to me? I wish I knew. Until then I have to keep reminding myself:

  • Be patient: Seriously. Just wait. If the application deadline isn’t for another month, chances are they haven’t looked at your resume yet. If it’s three weeks past the deadline– it may be reasonable to think it isn’t going to happen.
  • Be confident: There is that magical-rainbows-unicorns-and-fluffy-kittens place for everyone. I’ll find my place. Someone will want me and it’ll be great.
  • Make connections: A friend of mine just scored a fantastic internship with a company because she set up an informational interview with a panelist at an event on campus. She was invited in to shadow for a day and it happened just like that. I sent a request for an informational interview to a person at a place I would love to work for. Two weeks later–nothing. Sometimes things just don’t happen. Sometimes they do. Take a chance.

I need to keep reminding myself that things will work out. They really will. It’s not time to worry and even if it is, it’s not the end of the world. One thing at a time. I still have a semester to finish.

Also, there’s this thing I’m trying out: optimism. So far, it feels good.


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