Fortune Cookie Soap Winter 2013 Soap Box

It’s finally here! At this point it should not at all be shocking that I’m in love with Fortune Cookie Soap. The Soap Box is released quarterly and has a sampling of products from the upcoming seasonal release. It’s $19.99 but it also includes a $10 code to use on a future order. Score! The theme for their winter box and collection is The Nightmare Before Christmas and I’ve been dying for this box ever since they announced it a few months ago. Not only do I love this subscription and all of the creative new scents from FCS, but I adore anything Nightmare related. Here’s the first look:



Fortune Cookie Soap always includes a nice little product description card and this month the code was printed directly on the card. I love this since I’ve saved all of my cards from previous boxes and I think the boyf has accidentally thrown out a code thinking it was trash. Now I know there’s not a chance I’ll misplace it.

I’ll go down the card in order:

“Jack” Bath Fizzy: The product card states it has “Notes of iced lemon and airy menthol warmed by woodland moss and smashed cranberries”.


Unfortunately I never get to take full advantage of the bath products since I’m not a bath taker, but I love the opportunity to smell it. In spring and fall my favorite scents were from the bath fizzys. The more I smell this, the more I like it. I do catch the woodsy lemon scent with that hint of menthol.

“Sally” Fortune Cookie Soap: According to FCS this smells like “fresh breezes, fluttering white cotton and dry crackling leaves held together by twine”.


I LOVE this. Both the detail and color capture Sally perfectly. This scent is fresh and smells sort of like fresh laundry.

“Oogie Boogie” OCD Hand Sanitizer: “A mix of smushed winter berries against a backdrop of sweet muted cinnamon”.

oogieboogie ob2

Once again I just love the attention to detail. The color is a florescent yet muted green with a bright green spider inside. It definitely smells like the description; the cinnamon isn’t too spicy but acts as a nice subtle backdrop to the mixed berries.

“Lock, Shock and Barrel” Bath Melt: “Frosted woods of pine and spruce warmed with hints of spice”.


According to the card it seems like Lock, Shock or Barrel may show up in different boxes. I think this is Lock? This smells perfectly wintery and woodsy. It makes me want to curl up with some hot chocolate with some fuzzy socks.

“Sandy Claws” Exfoliating Body Butter: “Smells like chocolate, chai and yumminess”.


This reminds me quite a bit of the Lush massage bars, it has the same texture. It starts to melt in your hand as soon as you hold it. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s gritty and full of seeds which will exfoliate wonderfully. Oh, and it smells just like chocolate.

“Zero” Dry Shampoo: “Ghostly billows of sweet peppermint with just the faintest whisper of pumpkin”.


The Fortune Cookie Soap team wrote about this scent on Facebook a few weeks ago and I was extra excited to try this one since I love pumpkin so much. My Zero was empty! I’m disappointed that I won’t get to try this one out right away, but I’m sure they’ll take care of it ASAP. FCS has great customer service.

EDIT: I tweeted to FCS about my empty Zero on Tuesday and I had a new one on Friday. Fantastic. Also, I think it’s my favorite scent of the bunch.

“Holiday Worlds” Whipped Cream Body Butter: This one actually doesn’t have a scent description. There is a variety of scents that they made for this body butter which represent the different worlds that Jack Skellington could have entered before choosing Christmas Town.


This was made in Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter scents. I must smell them all. I received Christmas Town which is a bright green whipped cream. This smells like lemon and trees? Banana perhaps? Honestly, I wish I was better at deciphering scents on my own. It smells fruity, but not overwhelmingly sweet. I’m sure FCS will have a description as soon as it’s released on the website.

“What’s This?” Roll On Perfume: Once again this one doesn’t have a description.


The fun thing this about this one is that the scent is up to you to figure out. Last year, they released White Elephant bath bomb as a mystery scent and this year it’s fitting that the mystery scent is called “What’s This?”. Once again, I wish I had a better nose because FCS has a $50 gift certificate up for grabs if the scent is correctly guessed. Cookies? Baked goods? Though it’s not completely bakery scented, there’s something else brewing in there. I don’t quite know, but it smells amazing.

Overall, I don’t have a favorite scent just yet. It could be “What’s This?” but I need a bit longer to play with everything and test it out. The signature Fortune Cookie Soap, Whipped Cream, OCD Hand Sanitizer and Bath Fizzy are typically included in the Soap Box so I’m looking forward to being able to try a few new products in addition to the standards. Unfortunately, this box is already sold out, but the full size products will be launched this Friday, November 22, following an online release party.

Bonus cat photo:



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