5 Things Friday

Here’s my weekly round up of things I’ve loved this past week. I actually look forward to doing these and I feel like it makes me appreciate things just a little more.

Rosewood Tavern

I met up with a good friend of mine on Saturday night and we decided to try out a place neither one of us had been to before called the Rosewood Tavern. It was a great, dimly-lit little spot with some really interesting beer on tap. The tables were all wooden, most of them were cafeteria style and they had old pictures and paintings on the brick walls.

I had the beer flight so I was able to sample a few of the beers since I’m extremely indecisive. They had an interesting menu too. Normally I go right for the mac and cheese on any menu but I was so intrigued by their candied bacon that I had to try it. It also came with a pickle and mustard. It was a delicious little snack.


bighairBig bouncy hair. I tried the Beauty Protector shampoo and conditioner that I received in my November Birchbox and had a fantastic hair day. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair lately. I managed to get it down to a science while living in New Mexico, but the humidity in L.A. has completely thrown me off. I may have to actually invest in some of this stuff. It smells amazing. Also, I feel silly taking selfies so I naturally have to look silly as well.

milkSure, help yourself. Michael thinks everything is his. I should probably teach him not to do this, but he’s a spoiled rotten cat so he usually gets his way. The best part is that he’s drinking milk out of a glass with cats asking for milk. Fine Michael, you win.


I love food trucks. I saw Willie’s parked near campus on my way to a meeting and immediately knew I had to stop. I finished up with my meeting and ran over with the intention of getting an order of chicken and waffles before my late night class. As soon as I saw that they had red velvet waffles I was sold. Yep. A few minutes later I had this beauty with a side of cream cheese frosting. Was it a healthy dinner? Nope. But I devoured every bite.


It’s FINALLY starting to feel like fall here in Los Angeles. Though I’ve always disliked being too cold I do enjoy a cozy over-sized sweater in the fall. Well, sweater weather has finally come.


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