5 Things Friday

Oh, what a long and stressful week it has been. I’m so happy to finally relax a bit. Here are my five things of the week:


I’ve had the nastiest sweet tooth lately. Seriously. I’ve never been too huge on sweets, I would rarely crave them. Now, I need them all the time. Recently the Boyf and I discovered a Neveux within a short walk from the house. Not only do they have crazy, unique flavors like Basil Olive Oil and Pepper Peach, but they have some of the best knock-you-in-your-face coffee around. If I ever need a boost that a simple cup of coffee won’t fix, I head straight to Neveux. My absolute favorite is the Salted Caramel affogatto. The flavors blend perfectly.


This little guy. Earlier this week I was sitting on the Annenberg patio and someone sat down for a meeting right next to me with this sweet little pug. I’m not a massive fan of dogs (I’ve always been more of a cat person) but I had to get out of my seat and put him. His person said his name was Hugo and is super friendly. I didn’t realize until I was petting him, but he was missing an eye! I think owning Michael has made me a total softie for “broken” animals. I know, it sounds worse than it is, but I just want a collecting of special needs animals to spoil them rotten.


Mac and Cheese. I’ve always been a picky eater. I’ve opened up as I’ve gotten older, but my ultimate favorite meal is Mac and Cheese. Noting beats that warm gooey cheese. Mmmmm. I had some free time after a meeting on campus this meeting so I went across the street to a place called The Lab for lunch. Sure enough, if it’s on the menu I must try it. This was some of the best I’ve had in a long time. A mixture of mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and gruyere made this way more interesting than a typical sharp cheddar.


The Boyf and I decided to get out and try to catch the USC/UCLA game last weekend and went to Melgard right around the corner. Not only do they have a fantastic beer selection but they serve them in these gigantic steins. They’re so big I need two hands to lift it. Unfortunately, USC lost but we had a nice time getting out of the house to watch the game.


I finished school this week! At last, my first semester of grad school has come to an end. It was grueling, frustrating and stressful, but I made it through. Unfortunately, I had a group project in which only two of the five students contributed. Even though I asked for help multiple times, it came down to two of us completing the entire project. I suppose it’s a disheartening way to learn this lesson, but I guarantee this won’t be the last time I’ll encounter terrible group work. At least it’s over! I’m really looking forward to the break and my classes next semester.


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