Fortune Cookie Soap Haul

I have a problem with Fortune Cookie Soap. I really do. I love them too much. As soon as I smell one lovely unique scent, I want one of everything. Oh, and I also have two more packages on the way from them. Here’s a peek inside my latest package:


I picked these up after their winter product launch a few weeks ago. Most of it is from the Nightmare Before Christmas collection and the rest are things that were on sale or I grabbed a backup.


“What’s This?” Mist Me and Fortune Cookie Soap

This was the mystery scent from the winter soap box. Well, technically it still is a mystery since I still can’t figure out what the hell it smells like. The Boyf is convinced it’s peaches and cream, I think it’s some sort of orange sugar cookie. Either way, I immediately regret not purchasing every product that this scent comes in. I sense another order being placed soon.


“Zero” Fortune Cookie Soap, Wax Tart and Whipped Cream

I love this scent. I fell in love with it immediately and ordered it in everything. It’s a nice wintery peppermint with a hint of pumpkin. It definitely reminds me of a snowy forest. I got a tart warmer for my birthday this year but haven’t been in love with the scents I picked up. As soon as this package showed up I cut off a piece and stuck it in the warmer. I love having the whole house smell of Zero.

I used to pick up my favorite scents in a few Fortune Cookie Soaps, but I’ve recently changed up my hoarding method. If I have a soap in a discontinued scent I don’t want to use it since most of my favorite scents are limited edition. If I get the Whipped Cream, not only do you get a ton of product, but the scents last so long on my hands and body that I smell them for quite a while. I’ve also saved a few of the Whipped Cream jars from old Soap Boxes and I’ll fill them up and throw them in my purse.


“Daily Bread” OCD, “Nuts and Volts” Fortune Cookie Soap, “Leeeeaaf Piiiile” Whipped Cream

The first two are from the Quarter Quell collection and unfortunately these two scents only come in these products. These are both backups since I know I’ll never use them if I know they’ll run out soon. The OCD is THE BEST. It smells like fresh caramel corn. It’s not too sweet or candy-like but it actually smells like a bakery. Leaf Pile is a scent I fell in love with from the fall Soap Box and after using my Fortune Cookie Soap in the scent I needed a Whipped Cream to make it last. It’s a nice fall apple and acorn scent. There’s something really fresh about it that I just love.


A nice, bright photo of Zero and What’s This?


My Whipped Cream Collection. From left to right and top to bottom:

“I Yam What I Yam” Said the Marshmallow, Christmas Town

Belle, Pick of the Patch, Zero

The Birds & the Bees, Tick Tock, Leeeeaaf Piiiile


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