Fortune Cookie Soap Black Friday Haul

I know, I say this every time, but I have a soap problem. I placed this order when FCS was having their Black Friday sale and all of the cookies were half off! I justified it by telling myself that I wouldn’t have to buy new soap for a long time. Which is now true.


First Look.


Tangle in the Tinsel

I love the color of this cookie! It’s so bright and cheerful. This smells just like cotton candy and cola.


Sandy Claws

This is chocolaty, and though it smells good, I just don’t always reach for chocolate scents. I do like being able to have this scent for a bit. It smells just like chocolate kisses.


Pick of the Patch

This was from the fall line and I bought the Whipped Cream version of this as well. It’s a pumpkin scent but not a spicy pumpkin. More of a fresh scent, like apple and pumpkin.


Candy Cane Fluff

This smells like peppermint and marshmallow. I believe it was a holiday scent from last year, but this is my first time trying it.


Yipes Stripes

This smells JUST like Fruit Stripe Gum. It was always my favorite as a kid, but the flavor only lasted a solid minute. I remember the kids in school thinking it was the coolest thing ever to transfer the tattoos on the wrapper onto their tongues. I can’t lie, I did it too.


Oogie Boogie

This picture online makes this look so unattractive, which I suppose is the point since it does represent Oogie Boogie. Online it looks brown, but this is just a straight deep green. Of course they had to put a little plastic bug inside. The Boyf loves this one.


Once a Beach Always a Beach

This came out over the summer, but I believe it’s been made into a permanent cookie. I just love how adorable it looks with the glittery sand. It doesn’t quite smell tropical, but it smells like apples on the beach. Apples on a glittery, unicorn beach.


Blueberry JackFlaps

This is seriously so cute I don’t want to use it. Fortunately, it’s permanent so I can always order another. The cookie itself smells like blueberry and the top smells like maple. Darling.


Lock, Shock and Barrel

I absolutely love how this looks but the glitter got everywhere while taking it out to take this picture. I’ll have to scrub it off before using it. Washing soap, ha! It smells like musk and pine. I bet the Boyf would like this one. I got this scent in the winter box, but didn’t get a chance to use it since I don’t take baths.


Cotton Candy

Smells like cotton candy. Enough said.



This is another one I didn’t get to use from the winter box since I’m not a bath taker. I don’t even have a drain stopper to use it as a foot soak. I think I like the way this smells more than the Jack I got in the Soap Box. The last time it smelled a little too much like Pine-Sol. I just didn’t like the menthol and the lemon together, but in the cookie they smell so much different! They blend a bit better together, I think.


Roast My Marshmallow

This is another scent from last holiday season and again, the first time I’m smelling it. It smells just like roasted marshmallow. Even the fortune is a bit burnt. I love all of the detail they put into their cookies.


Holiday Worlds//Christmas Town next to Oogie Boogie for size

Ahhhh, another thing just too darn cute to use. This is the Holiday Worlds set which comes with four of the scents that they sent out in the winter boxes. I also put Christmas Town next to Oogie Boogie to see the size comparison. Just too darling. I don’t expect that I’ll actually use these.

Christmas Town: I got this Whipped Cream in my winter box and wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. I used it once and fell in love. If you would have told me it had traces of patchouli it it, I wouldn’t have gone near it. Thank goodness I didn’t read that before hand, because I love it so much I ordered a full size Whipped Cream.

Easter Town: Smells like sugar with a hint of black licorice. Normally, I don’t like black licorice either, but this is subtle.

Thanksgiving Town: It smells like Thanksgiving dessert, caramel, maple and vanilla.

Halloween Town: A big bag of Halloween candy. Yum.


Family photo!


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