5 Things Friday

The holidays are almost here…and almost over. This is my first Christmas in Los Angeles and I knew it would be busy and crowded, but I’m still somewhat alarmed.

vodkaMy vodka infusing experiment is going pretty well. I bought small jars at Target and some ingredients to make six sweet flavors and six more savory flavors. I have habanero, coconut, garlic, skittles, raspberries, cucumber, marshmallow, rosemary and more. I took the habanero out after 24 hours but I’m going to let the rest sit for another day and test them out tomorrow.


Each and every year The Boyf and I talk about getting a tree and each and every year we have no tree. It’s not that I’m a gigantic Grinch, I just don’t have the time and money to set up a tree and buy all of the ornaments. I know, it’s an investment since everything gets reused from year to year and I would most certainly love to be able to add new ornaments and traditions every year. This year we’re moving up and we bought a festive rosemary plant from Trader Joe’s.


For some reason I discovered Bauble Bar just this week. I had heard of it, but had never really explored it fully. Well, I discovered the Khaleesi Bracelet and immediately fell in love. It’s rare that I fall in love with something this quickly. I had a coupon code and they offer free shipping so it was hard to resist. It’s such a nice piece to wear with my watch.


My cousin drove up from Irvine on Thursday so we could spend the day together. We decided to try out a restaurant that we had both heard amazing things about called Blu Jam Cafe. It’s a short walk from my place and though I’ve never been there is ALWAYS a crowd waiting outside. Fortunately, we went early enough  and didn’t have to wait but a line was forming on our way out. Now, I’m a breakfast girl, I love a good breakfast. I will eat it in the morning, at night, whenever I can.


After devouring breakfast I couldn’t resist eating again at one of the many food trucks on Wilshire. I’ve been eyeing the food trucks for a while now and I finally had the opportunity to do so. I’m the worst at making an executive decision and since I wasn’t starving, everything sounded fantastic. I finally settled on a Mac and Chile Grilled Cheese from the Currywurst truck. It was filling and fantastic.


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