I’ve Moved!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but a new year gets me excited for change so I just jumped in. I’ve finally moved to my own domain! I’ll still be blogging the same old things over at:



Best of 2013

Instead of doing my typical 5 Things Friday posts I’m going to do two New Year themed sort of posts. This one will be the things that I’ve loved in 2013 and the next post will be sort of a New Year’s Resolution post. I absolutely hate making resolutions since I sort of think it’s corny, but I know it’s inevitable to think about changes every time a new year rolls around. On to 2013…



This August I started graduate school at USC. I had somewhat of a non-conventional undergrad experience. After I graduated high school I started class at the University of New Mexico and I hated everything. I didn’t have any advising while I was in high school. I didn’t know what I waned to do or why I was there so I never showed up to class. My GPA was absolutely abysmal and after I was put on academic probation I gave up and moved to New York. Once I finally went back to UNM I knew I was ready to be in school and take it seriously. I found something I loved (Classics) and joined clubs and groups knowing that I would need something on my resume to make up for the fact that my GPA would never be stellar. Once grad school application time rolled around I knew I had to be at the top of my game to be able to compete with some of the students who didn’t have the same setbacks that I did. I worked my butt off to get into USC and I’m so proud of myself for getting to this point. I’m not one to boast but this was the first semester since possibly middle school that I’m made all A’s. To be fair, Latin and Greek were pretty tough.

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5 Things Friday on a Saturday

Yikes! This whole week has thrown off my schedule! I didn’t even realize it was Friday until I was getting ready for bed last night. I’ll make this week’s post short and sweet.


Here is a bit of my Christmas haul. The Boyf got me a few pairs of earrings and an adorable cat shirt. He knows the way to my heart. We decided not to spend too much money on each other this year and just buy Disneyland annual passes sometime in January.

The small bottle of Patron was from the white elephant exchange at my gym. I originally got a few very adorable workout tops, but they got stolen. I’m more of a whiskey girl myself, but I can’t say no to top shelf alcohol. We also got the Patron Cafe from The Boyf’s mom since we created a Cafe and Irish Creme shot a few weeks ago and it was pretty tasty.

We got a bunch of coffee for our K-cup machine, thank the coffee gods, and a few candles which I’m looking forward to lighting now that my obsession with things that smell good is at an all time high. Thanks Fortune Cookie Soap! I got a few J. Crew tops and a Sephora gift card which I promptly went out and spent. I splurged on a YSL lipstick since I can never justify buying one on my own. I made a few mini hauls while at the Beverly Center spending that gift card (Bath and Body Works) which I’ll probably pull into a post this week.

You know you’re officially an adult when you get stoked about getting storage containers for Christmas. The Boyf’s Mom has a fantastic set of glass storage dishes which make my dirty old Ziploc containers look like old take out dishes and she remembered me gushing over them and bought me a set of my own. She always manages to do a great job with the gift shopping.

A Day at the LACMA

Last Thursday my cousin and I spent the day together starting with breakfast at Blu Jam cafe followed by a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time and when she suggested we go I was so excited to finally check it out. I don’t know why I thought the LACMA was strictly modern and contemporary art, but it isn’t. They have a fantastic variety of art  and we had a blast exploring the museum on a day that was pretty empty. I snapped a few photos of my favorite pieces along the way.


Lichtenstein. I’ve loved pop art since a high school art project

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5 Things Friday

The holidays are almost here…and almost over. This is my first Christmas in Los Angeles and I knew it would be busy and crowded, but I’m still somewhat alarmed.

vodkaMy vodka infusing experiment is going pretty well. I bought small jars at Target and some ingredients to make six sweet flavors and six more savory flavors. I have habanero, coconut, garlic, skittles, raspberries, cucumber, marshmallow, rosemary and more. I took the habanero out after 24 hours but I’m going to let the rest sit for another day and test them out tomorrow.

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December 2013 Birchbox

For some reason, I feel like it came really late this month. I’m the absolute worst when it comes to spoilers, so I already knew what was going to be in this box.


First Look

I’ve been getting Birchbox for 3 years now, and I still love it. Obviously, I love some boxes more than others, but I always find a way to justify it. Going out for a drink would cost almost as much. Going out for a meal would cost more. Even a coffee and snack on campus would cost just as much. See…? It’s easy to justify $10 a month.

I also really love these cute little boxes they’ve added in the past year or so. They used to wrap everything carefully with tissue paper and ribbon, but these are a cute touch.


Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20//Camille Beckman Body Butter Moreila Monarch Scent

I’m never as excited with skincare/face samples, but I always end up getting use out of them. I actually loved the Supergoop sample from my November Birchbox so much that I’m thinking about purchasing a full size. Once again, I have another CC cream to try and I’m actually looking forward to it.

I would have been way more excited to get a body butter if I didn’t recently fall madly and deeply in love with Fortune Cookie Soap’s Whipped Cream. It most certainly won’t go to waste. I’ll probably throw it in my school bag next semester. I do like the scent as well, it has a light perfume and baby powder scent. It’s light and not too overpowering.


Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo//LAQA & Co. Lil’ Lip Duo- Bossy Boots and Ring of Fire

I seriously can’t live without dry shampoo. I probably only wash my hair every 3-4 days and dry shampoo keeps my hair from looking and smelling a little rats nest-y. I’ll likely never spend this much ($18 for a full-size) on it, since I do have a few drugstore favorites, but I love having it around.

I think 4 out of the past 5 lip items I’ve gotten from Birchbox have been red. I hate wearing red lipstick. I just don’t like it on myself. I know, I know, everyone has to find the shade that works for their skin tone. I’ve found it. I still don’t like it. I prefer a fuchsia, magenta, bright coral or even a burgundy if I’m going for bold lips. Either way, I think this may be Bossy Boots because it wasn’t a true red once I tried it on. It was actually a bit closer to a magenta color than a red. I liked the creamy consistency, so I ended up keeping it. For now. Chances are, I won’t wear it and I’ll hand it off to my cousin.


Birchbox phone screen cleaner// bliss that’s incredi-‘peel’

My beauty extra this month was the bliss peel. I usually toss all of my skincare extras in a basket in the bathroom and I’ll use them at night or on the weekends. The Birchbox screen cleaner was a cute extra. It sticks to the back of your phone and you can peel it off and wipe your screen down. I usually do this anyway, so it’s nice to have a little Birchbox diamond specifically for this.


Family Photo

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my December Birchbox. I’ll end up using everything, except perhaps the lip crayon. I only wish it was a lighter pink and it would be perfect!

The Best Thing To Remember When Interviewing

A few months ago I was getting worried about all of the pressure of finding an internship. I had been applying to everything that fit my interests and I just wasn’t hearing back. One thing I told myself was to stay positive. Something will come along. Well, it finally did.


I had two interviews last week! After my initial excitement wore off, I realized I was sort of terrified. I hadn’t been on a proper job interview in a really long time. Not only that, but I haven’t been on an interview for anything related to public relations. I had no idea what to expect.

Naturally, I started reading everything I could about interviews and what to expect. I knew the typical “Why do you want to work here?”, “Tell me about your strengths/weaknesses.”, blah, blah, blah. As I began to read more, I realized that everyone had their own sort of tactics and advice, yet they all sort of fell along the same lines. I think the most ridiculous one I read was to not wear makeup since it distracts from what you have to say. Whhhhaat? Sure, don’t wear makeup as if you were going out on a Saturday night, but clean your face up and wear some fresh, natural looking makeup. I did realize that I desperately need to work on my business casual wardrobe. Yikes.

I researched both companies as much as I could and also checked out them out on social media before the actual interview came. After all of that, here it is: Just remember this: Why do you want to do this in the first place? I sat down and reminded myself why I wanted to go into public relations. I thought of what I really wanted to get out of this and where I see myself in 5 years. I think that was the exact confidence booster I needed. I thought to myself “If I don’t get this position, it’s not because I messed up somehow or didn’t say the right thing, it just wasn’t a good fit.”

It worked. I was offered both positions that I interviewed for, and after careful consideration I’ve made my choice. This January I’ll be interning with Sony Music, specifically Syco Entertainment which is Simon Cowell’s production company. I have a slightly foggy idea of what I’ll be doing and I don’t know how much I’ll be able to talk about, but I’m sure I’ll share as much as I can on my little corner of the internet.

5 Things Friday

I’m trying to stay positive since I’ve been sick for the past few days. At least I didn’t get sick while in school, but either way it’s still not any fun. Bleh.


Last weekend I went to Trader Joe’s to grab a few snacks to bring to a holiday party on Saturday. While I was there I saw this caramel taste test and thought it would be super fun for the Boyf and I to do. It comes in a big long box and it has the flavor suggestions on the sides and then guess the flavors as you taste them. You’re supposed to cut them into four pieces and share with friends, but I guess they didn’t realize that cutting them would still be difficult after putting them in the fridge for a bit. They looked so pretty…afterwards, not so much. Most of them were really tasty, except for a select few. I’m a big coconut hater, so I didn’t enjoy that one.

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