5 Things Friday

I’m trying to stay positive since I’ve been sick for the past few days. At least I didn’t get sick while in school, but either way it’s still not any fun. Bleh.


Last weekend I went to Trader Joe’s to grab a few snacks to bring to a holiday party on Saturday. While I was there I saw this caramel taste test and thought it would be super fun for the Boyf and I to do. It comes in a big long box and it has the flavor suggestions on the sides and then guess the flavors as you taste them. You’re supposed to cut them into four pieces and share with friends, but I guess they didn’t realize that cutting them would still be difficult after putting them in the fridge for a bit. They looked so pretty…afterwards, not so much. Most of them were really tasty, except for a select few. I’m a big coconut hater, so I didn’t enjoy that one.

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Birchbox: November 2013

I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for almost three years now. Actually, next month will make it exactly three years. Even though I’m not always completely thrilled with the contents of my box, for $10 a month it’s such a great way to try new products. I’m also completely in love with anything miniature sized.

November’s theme is “More Good” which is an entire month dedicated to bringing more good into your life. For the entire month of November Birchbox is dedicating a portion of the proceeds form the Birchbox Shop to No Kid Hungry, an organization that works to end childhood hunger.

birchbox  moregood

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