Visions of Vodka

The Russian speaking community in West Hollywood is the largest population outside of New York City. We constantly hear Russian speaking families in the surrounding apartments and there are plenty of little Russian markets within walking distance. Being a lover of food the boyf was dying to try one of the nearby restaurants. traktir

This past week we decided on Traktir which is a little hole in the wall on Santa Monica Blvd. and Crescent Heights.  Of course no Russian experience is complete without vodka.


Traktir infuses their own vodka which was super intriguing so we had to try it. We first tried the horseradish vodka which was served with a pickle chaser. I was expecting it to be extra spicy but it had a nice subtle flavor. We also tried the garlic and raspberry which were both nice and subtle. The raspberry was especially pleasant since it didn’t have that ultra sweet taste like a typical flavored vodka.

Last month I had the brilliant idea to make my own flavor infused vodka for holiday gifts. Since I’m on a college student budget I thought it was a great way to make something with a personal touch that could actually get some use around the holidays. After our experience at Traktir I can’t wait to plan my recipes.

I found a great recipe via Craftsy with a few flavor ideas and infusing times here. I think I’ll make a batch with savory flavors and a batch with sweet flavors.