5 Things Friday on a Saturday

Yikes! This whole week has thrown off my schedule! I didn’t even realize it was Friday until I was getting ready for bed last night. I’ll make this week’s post short and sweet.


Here is a bit of my Christmas haul. The Boyf got me a few pairs of earrings and an adorable cat shirt. He knows the way to my heart. We decided not to spend too much money on each other this year and just buy Disneyland annual passes sometime in January.

The small bottle of Patron was from the white elephant exchange at my gym. I originally got a few very adorable workout tops, but they got stolen. I’m more of a whiskey girl myself, but I can’t say no to top shelf alcohol. We also got the Patron Cafe from The Boyf’s mom since we created a Cafe and Irish Creme shot a few weeks ago and it was pretty tasty.

We got a bunch of coffee for our K-cup machine, thank the coffee gods, and a few candles which I’m looking forward to lighting now that my obsession with things that smell good is at an all time high. Thanks Fortune Cookie Soap! I got a few J. Crew tops and a Sephora gift card which I promptly went out and spent. I splurged on a YSL lipstick since I can never justify buying one on my own. I made a few mini hauls while at the Beverly Center spending that gift card (Bath and Body Works) which I’ll probably pull into a post this week.

You know you’re officially an adult when you get stoked about getting storage containers for Christmas. The Boyf’s Mom has a fantastic set of glass storage dishes which make my dirty old Ziploc containers look like old take out dishes and she remembered me gushing over them and bought me a set of my own. She always manages to do a great job with the gift shopping.